Product Features 

American Lithium Energy develops and markets safe and powerful advanced Lithium Ion battery solutions for the most critical military and commercial applications. 

Our Mission

Our patented Lithium Battery Safety Technology is the clear choice for the most critical military and commercial applications.


American Lithium Energy Offers Unmatched and Unequaled Safe Performance while Simultaneously Delivering High Energy and High Power Lithium Battery Cells

  • “Best in Class” Energy Density and Safe Performance
  • Up to 400Wh/kg and 5000 W/kg
  • Patented Lithium Safety Technology
  • Highest Levels of Safety Due to Internal Battery “Circuit Breaker”
  • Bullet Resistant:  Military Lab Tested and Certified
  • Cells will not explode or catch fire if penetrated by a high velocity projectile
  • Custom Shapes: Curved for Helmets; Small Form Factors for Advanced Weapon Systems

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