About Us


American Lithium Energy Corporation (ALE) was established in 2006 to develop and commercialize high performance, next-generation lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies.  ALE’s mission is to develop advanced batteries having the highest levels of energy density, safety, reliability, while being smaller and lighter power sources as required for specific target applications, enabling ALE to become a leading supplier of power sources for military, UAV, robotics, utility/storage, and telecommunication markets

ALE’s R&D Team includes pioneers in advanced battery engineering using Li-Ion technology, who have developed a next generation battery capable of passing the U.S. Army’s bullet, nail, and crush test, without fire or explosion upon impact, and thus demonstrating the highest levels of safety performance.

ALE is headquartered near San Diego in Vista, California, where we perform all business operations for battery R&D and manufacturing. ALE’s advanced battery technology addresses specific energy and safety needs of the US Department of Defense (DoD), which ALE is under contract to design, test, manufacture, and supply customized batteries used to power military equipment that can safely function, while withstanding the rigorous test of a combat environment.

ALE’s battery technologies are at a TRL 9-10 level and ready for broad commercialization based on our success in manufacturing and implementing both standardized and customized advanced battery products into operational target systems.  ALE’s strategy is tobroaden our marketing to both the government and the private sector as a fully-vetted domestic supplierof advanced batteries. Our business model includes:

  • Ongoing battery R&D to maintain our competitive advantage of having the highest levels of energy density and battery safety across the industry
  • Continuing contract performance on DoD programs of record to provide both advanced battery R&D as well as fully matured battery products available as supply items
  • Commercializing our portfolio of advanced batteries for sale here and abroad to public, private, and non-profit organizations having critical needs for lighter, smaller, denser, safer, less expensive, more reliable, and customizable next-generation lithium batteries.