American Lithium Energy (ALE) is a United States Domestic Supplier with over 12,000 sq. ft. of Lithium Battery Manufacturing Capability. The Proprietary Lithium Batteries are Fabricated Under the Strictest Quality Control and Every Process is Monitored Under the Tightest Tolerances.

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​ALE currently manufactures its entire range of proprietary lithium battery products in a state of the art, 12,000 sq. ft. California facility. The battery cells have been thoroughly tested by independent third parties and have consistently demonstrated exceptional safety and performance.

– Capabilities –

American Lithium Energy’s R&D team includes pioneers in the advanced lithium ion (Li-ion) technology sector. Among their many accomplishments, ALE developed the first lithium battery capable of passing the U.S. Army’s bullet, nail, and crush tests without fire or explosion upon impact. As a result, ALE has been commissioned to manufacture customized, high-energy helmet batteries for the U.S. Armed Forces Helmet Project. ALE’s custom pouch cells can be manufactured to unique specifications while maintaining optimal power output and storage capabilities.

  • High Volume Manufacturing of Advanced Polymer and 18650 Cells

  • Dry Room

  • Production Coater

  • Production Calendar

  • Extensive Range of In-House Testing Capabilities:

    • Bullet, Nail, Temperature, Impact, Crush, Altitude, Forced Discharge, 500A Discharge, Overcharge