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Polymer Hybrid Cells with >90C capability

  • One cell with combined Li-ion battery and Li-ion supercapacitor

  • Ultra safe, high power, high energy hybrid battery and supercapacitor in the same cell

  • Lower SWAP-C - smaller, lighter and lower cost

  • High charging and discharging power with excellent lifespan

  • Approximately 10x the energy density compared to a conventional supercapacitor

  • Scalable to any size

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American Lithium Energy Offers Advanced, High Energy, Safe Battery Solutions that Deliver
"Best in Class" Advantages for Both Military and Commercial Customers.

High Power Primary Batteries:

“Best in Class” - High energy density for Advanced Weapons and UAVs

Next-Gen Multi-Functional Batteries

  • High energy density, customizable shape and size with novel safety feature that addresses current Li-ion safety problems

  • ALE’s proprietary Lithium Safety Technology arrests thermal run-away caused by impact, overcharge or heat at the individual cell level, providing protection from explosion and fire even when the battery management system fails or has little effect

  • First battery to pass U.S. Army’s bullet, nail and crush tests without fire or explosion upon impact

  • Patented safety technology enables a battery system design with less reliance on complex thermal management systems and heavy battery housing, potentially decreasing battery system size, weight and cost

  • Applications: virtually unlimited range of commercial and military applications including safe power solutions for the US Warfighter, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage and Consumer Products

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