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The global market for lithium (Li) batteries is expected to grow to over $77.42 billion by 2024: driven by the ever increasing demand for energy storage solutions, electric vehicles, consumer household power storage, drones, unmanned systems and portable technology. Without any foreseeable slowdown in the global market, American Lithium Energy is extremely well positioned to become the global leader in the ever-expanding energy storage sector. ALE is trusted by, and has been doing business with, the US government, the Department of Defense and commercial customers for over ten years. As the demand for safe lithium battery cells increases daily, ALE is constantly innovating new technology that produces high power, high-energy lithium battery solutions while maintaining the critical safety components required by the US government and military. 

​American Lithium Energy Offers Battery Solutions to Address the Specific Needs of Multiple Markets.

  • Autonomous Systems

  • Electric Vehicles

  • High Power Generator Backup Systems

  • Household Solar Storage Systems

  • Portable Military Communications

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