The global market for lithium (Li) batteries is expected to grow to over $77.42 billion by 2024: driven by the ever increasing demand for energy storage solutions, electric vehicles, consumer household power storage, drones, unmanned systems and portable technology. Without any foreseeable slowdown in the global market, American Lithium Energy is extremely well positioned to become the global leader in the ever-expanding energy storage sector. ALE is trusted by and has been doing business with, the US government, the Department of Defense, and commercial customers for over ten years. As the demand for safe lithium battery cells increases daily, ALE is constantly innovating new technology that produces high power, high-energy lithium battery solutions while maintaining the critical safety components required by the US government and military. 

ALE has been a supplier of advanced Li-ion batteries to the Department of Defense for nearly 15 years. ALE’s dedication to the highest levels of safety through our proprietary SafeCore technology has developed and deepened our relationships with our wide customer base across all DoD agencies. When coupled with unparalleled performance, ALE’s batteries bring a new level of power and safety to the battlefield where missions are critical and failure isn’t an option. As a reliable, domestic supplier ALE understands the needs of the military and is committed to meeting those needs and bolstering the capabilities of the modern-day Warfighter.



With the advent of wearable medical devices, the need for safe, compact, and lightweight power sources has been a persistent need. ALE’s safety and commitment to quality makes it a clear choice for powering medical devices whether wearable or implantable. ALE has developed batteries for Class II medical devices and is committed to the safety and protection of the patients.

ALE has a history of working on batteries that power platforms in the air and space domain, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and satellites. ALE is an AS9100D-certified manufacturer of batteries for aerospace applications, committed to delivering the highest quality products - batteries that meet the stringent safety requirements of aerospace applications and do so without compromising performance. In these markets, lightweight cells are of paramount interest and ALE’s batteries are some of the lightest, while maintaining the longevity necessary to meet the lifetime of space applications.