Hybrid Li-ion/Supercapacitor

 - >100 Wh/kg, >1000 W/kg
- Fast charge capability
- Very long cycle life, > 10000          cycles

Li Metal

- Extremely lightweight and              compact (>450 Wh/kg and            >1000 Wh/L)
- High power discharge capability    and low temperature                      performance
- In UAS applications, extended        flight-time and range by nearly      100%
- Safe even when shot with a            bullet

ALE has designed and developed a variety of lithium ion cells and battery packs for a number of diverse applications. ALE's product line consists of a wide range of cell chemistries to meet the numerous needs of its customers. From Lithium ion to next generation chemistries, ALE has provided innovative solutions to the Department of Defense and beyond. ALE has also developed lightweight, compact power sources as well as larger format cells that can be readily integrated into various platforms. Below is a listing of some of the types of batteries ALE produces as well as their notable features.  

Si Anode

- 300 Wh/kg pouch cell
- 4 Ah 18650 cell with high power    (2C rate or 8 A) at low                    temperature (-40 °C)
- 100 cycles


- 200+ Wh/kg

- Various form factors ranging        from < 2 Ah to > 15 Ah
- Long cycle life, > 1000 cycles
- Safety per UL 1642, UN 38.3          specification passing standard      overcharge, impact, and crush      tests and even nail penetration
- First battery to pass U.S. Army’s    bullet test, sustaining impact        from a 7.62 round without              catching fire or exploding