Lithium Ion Hybrid Super Capacitor

​ALE’s lithium ion super capacitor hybrid cell combines the capacity and energy of lithium ion cell with the power and cycle life of a super capacitor. The cell has components of both lithium ion and super capacitor and therefore is able to rapidly cycle without decay. Traditionally, these sorts of technologies have been combined at the system level, requiring cumbersome electronics for balancing and distribution. At ALE, we have developed a cell that combines these technologies at the cell level, eliminating excessive electronics. The cells not only enable rapid discharge, but also fast charging which is another area of focus in the next generation of power sources.

One of American Lithium Energy’s greatest assets is the wide range of intellectual property in its portfolio. Our founders have more than 50 years of combined experience in the battery industry, and since our inception in 2006, we have generated patents in everything from battery packaging to electrode design and from solid electrolytes to hybrid battery supercapacitors. ALE has 14 patents issued, with more than 12 pending. ALE prides itself in its innovative approach and its ability to develop creative and meaningful solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

High Capacity and High Power Anodes

​With the proliferation of unmanned platforms in air, on land, and at sea, the need for lightweight, high-capacity power sources continues to be at the forefront for military and consumer applications. Even the most energetic chemistries now struggle to meet today’s demands, and most options that are lightweight and high-capacity are expensive primary (non-rechargeable) chemistries, that aren’t capable of meeting the power demands of many of today’s unmanned vehicles. ALE has worked extensively on high-capacity anodes like silicon and lithium that will enable the technology of tomorrow. As we look forward to future demands, there can no longer be a tradeoff between energy and power, and ALE seeks to address these two key issues that have hindered this application space.


SafeCore is American Lithium Energy’s proprietary battery safety technology, used to comprehensively safeguard cells from thermal runaway resulting from issues such as internal shorting, overcharge, and high temperature. SafeCore is an internal safety device that acts like a circuit-breaker to shutdown the flow of electrons as the cell fails. SafeCore can react to high current, voltage, and temperature to create a gap between the electrode and current collector to dramatically slow down the heat generation so that the cell fails safely and gracefully. SafeCore has been demonstrated in various military applications from man-portable power to unmanned systems. In 2016, ALE’s spun-out a commercial entity, Amionx, whose sole focus is to transfer the SafeCore safety technology to consumer markets. Since then, SafeCore has been proven effective for applications in portable electronics, power tools, and even electric vehicles.