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ALE has been awarded over 60+ US and International patents focused on improving the performance and safety of lithium-ion and similar batteries.


Highest Energy Density

The world's highest energy density 4Ah 18650 silicon anode cell currently in production.


Patented battery chemistries allow up to 40% increase in energy density across multiple cell form factors - 18650, Pouch, and Prismatic. 

Zero-Volt Technology

Ship completely discharged battery safely, reliably and at reduced cost. Eliminate fires during shipping and serious vehicle collisions.


Superior cyber security through shutdown and reboot of communication network and system with no damage to battery or system


Unparalleled Safety

Batteries will not be the source of fire with our patented shutdown electrode and fire retardant electrolyte

Extreme Low Temperature

ALE batteries are optimized to maintain continuous performance at temperatures down to -40°C

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